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About The Weekly List

The “new normal” of American politics is not normal. The Weekly List reminds us of that. On a weekly basis, the List tracks specific news stories representing eroding norms under the current regime. Taken together, they reveal a nation pushed towards authoritarianism, the wielding of unchecked governmental authority by one person or group at the expense of the freedom of those who oppose them.

How is this possible? Weary from the 2016 election, many voters embraced uninformed obliviousness, unquestioning optimism, or an uncritically visceral reaction for or against the new administration. Instead, Amy Siskind sought facts. The Weekly List was born on November 20, 2016, chronicling Amy’s findings. Originally for her friends and social media followers, the List quickly went viral. The earliest weeks listed fewer than a dozen items. Now, nearly a year later, each week brings with it at least one-hundred new abnormalities.

Who is Amy Siskind?

After leaving Wall Street, Amy helped co-found The New Agenda, a national women’s advocacy organization, in 2008. As the President of The New Agenda, Amy continues to work toward equitable gender representation, fair pay, and women’s networking, while fighting against sexual assault and gender bias. Amy is also an activist in the LGBTQ community. Because the welfare of women and other marginalized communities and the welfare of our democracy are inseparable, Amy’s advocacy for equality now occurs alongside her mission as one of the most thorough and vocal observers of our failing-but-not-yet-failed democracy.

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